Yantra Recommendation

Yantra Recommendation

From ancient times, Yantras have been considered magical and sacred with positive power and vibrations. It is said that they emit immense energy and reduce negativity. We have a team of Astrologers who can suggest specific yantras based on your horoscope.

Yantra is also known as Talisman, Kavacha or Jantra in different cultures. In Indian Astrology, our astrologers suggest the most effective and suitable Yantras to reduce harmful effects of planetary combinations. Each deity and planet associated to each house of the birth chart manages a different aspect of your life e.g. health, career, family and relationship. There are special geometric symbols pertaining to each house that should be worshiped to resolve specific issues. It is greatly important that astrologers have a thorough knowledge of astrology to offer consultancy about Yantras.

It is important that Yanras are charged by chanting specific Mantras to maximize the effect. We offer Yantras that are charged by performing necessary rituals by learned astrologers. It is important that it is marked on a piece of pure copper in the perfect proportion and placed on a wooden platform with supreme purity. We charge it and perform a ritual to make it live before Yantra is sent to you.

Testimonials say that people get largely benefited by the miraculous powers of Yantras. Keep it at the sacred place and worship to get the maximum benefit from them. Our Yantra recommendations resolve obstacles and make the journey of life smooth.

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