Vastu Consultant

Vastu Consultant

Vastu is the name for the environment and surroundings of your home in the Sanskrit language. It is greatly important that the surroundings of your house emit positive energies and radiation to enhance the situation. We help with the best Vastu consultancy to you.

Our team of astrologers knows the salient aspects of Vastu, and they can suggest simple and workable remedies to cover up the low energy fields in the surroundings. When you seek our help before constructing the house, you are guided for maintaining high energy fields. If the guidance is asked for a constructed sight, then we give simple solutions to correct the areas that drain the positivity in your house, office, or industrial premise. Our consultants possess a rich knowledge and expertise of the ancient Indian Vastu concepts. They blend it with the parallel streams of Chinese and Japanese Vastu Shastra concepts.

Vastu Mandal and Vastu Purush

Concepts of Vastu Purush and Vastu Mandal are incredibly important in the Indian Astrology. It is said that there is an imaginary human figure that governs the house. It can bring good or bad fortune for the family. Sacred ceremonies, devotional activities and chanting of Mantras please the Vastu Purush.
Similarly, Vastu Mandal is an intricate network of several aspects that affect the good or bad fortune of your family. We analyze the problems with your property based on age-old proven concepts of Vastu Shastra and suggest powerful and effective remedies to improve the situation dramatically.

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