Janmrasi & Nakshatra

Rashi Nakshatra

When you send the birth details to us, we make horoscope that describes the planetary combination and other details at the time of birth. It gives comprehensive information about your life. We analyze it and send detailed predictions.

Rashi and Nakshatra are two fundamental components in the birth chart. The astrological division of the 360 degrees is I 12 different Zodiac signs of 30 degrees each. Position of the Moon in any of these zodiac signs at the time of the birth denotes the Rashi. Since the Moon is primarily responsible for our behavior and nature, Rashi has great effects on the personality traits and thinking. Each Rashi is further divided into portions of 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

Both Rashi and Nakshatra are critical for predicting the overall life of a person. Our expert astrologers have extensive knowledge of interpreting these two aspects and deriving conclusions about important aspects of your life. When these two aspects are correct, then it is a high probability of offering pinpointed results about the past and future life of a person.

You need to provide birth details to us so that we give most accurate results to you. Since these two aspects are important for matchmaking, career, childbirth and married life; it is important that you have the correct details of Rashi and Nakshatra at the time of your birth. Send the birth details and our experts will find the Rashi and Nakshatra along with correct predictions.

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