Pooja Recommendation

Pooja recommendation

Pooja or religious rituals are part of Indian culture and tradition. Sometimes, they are performed to reduce the harmful effects or Doshas in the horoscope. We provide effective Pooja recommendation after reading your birth chart.

In the Indian Astrology, planets and their positions are important in deciding the fate and events in our life. Each position in the horoscope is associated with a specific aspect of our life. There are specific planets and deities related to each position, and they need to be worshiped in a certain manner to receive their blessings. Our astrologers study your birth chart and understand the dependency and impact of planets to suggest particular religious activity so that the damaging effect can be minimized.

Pooja recommendations can be of various types. Some can be performed at home, and some are to be performed at a specific religious place. Sometimes fasting, donation and gemstones are suggested along with religious activities, if the horoscope shows severe issues. We make sure that you are advised with affordable and doable remedies and not expensive and complicated ones.

Pitru Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Kalsarp Dosha or Nakshatra Dosha, etc. are some examples when people are advised to perform special religious activities or poojas. It has been observed that there is a great improvement in the situation after performing it in the right manner at the right time. We make sure that you get the most appropriate and right advice.

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