Panchang or Vedic calendar plays a pivotal role in deciding the right time or Muhurt in the Indian Astrology. It is the combination of five different aspects i.e. day, lunar day, star of the day, Yoga and Karana that is half of the lunar day.

Panchang is a Sanskrit word which means Five Aspects. It is the name given to Indian Calendar that is comprised of five fundamental aspects that are:
• Lunar day or tithi
• Day
• Nakshatra
• Yoga
• Karan

Astrologers look at these aspects for deciding the good, bad or average time of the day. All the five elements play a pivotal role in deciding anything important. Marriages, special occasions, festivals, and all other important things are decided based on Panchang of a particular day. The place is quite important while deciding it because Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonrise make a slight difference in the timings. We have astrological service that can give the exact Panchang of a particular place based on user selection.

Our Astrologers help in finding out the good time (Muhurta), and bad time (Rahu Kaal) so that you can take important decisions. Panchang is also considered for performing religious rituals on a normal day or festivals. Refer our specialized service for accurate and perfect Panchang of the day while taking important decisions.

Experts say that when you start the work during an auspicious Muhurta enhances the chances of getting success. We want to make you successful by referring our correct and valid Panchanga suggestions.

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