Kundali Match

Kundali Match

Kundali Match or Gun Milan or Match Making is perhaps the most practical and widely used application of Astrology. We bring most accurate matchmaking services that help in making the decision about the life partner.

When you are looking for compatibility between you and your life partner, it is important to get it done by an accurate astrologer. Since you seek guidance for an issue that may become a turning point in the life, it is crucial that the calculations are correct. We have a fleet of renowned, experienced, and highly skilled astrologers. They look at each aspect carefully and do not leave even a minute loophole while calculating compatibility. We look at the psychological, ideological, and biological angles in consideration. Detailed analysis of the following eight aspects makes the best matchmaking for you:

• Varna
• Tara
• Gana
• Gotra
• Yoni
• Nadi
• Bhakut
• Grah Maitri

Each of these aspects has a special meaning, significance, and points. The total of these points is 36 and 18 is the minimum score for compatibility. Anything below that is not considered as a matching horoscope.

Know the compatibility between you and your life partner

It is impossible to live a healthy and happy life if there is no coordination, compatibility, and cooperation between you and your life partner. Get the horoscopes checked beforehand and ensure a smooth voyage. We are there to help you with the best matchmaking services.

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