Kundali Dosh

Kundali Dosh

Have you ever felt that some people do not get an adequate result in spite of massive efforts whereas some have the “Midas Touch?” There are several Doshas or ill-effects in your birth chart that cause hindrance in specific aspects of life.

According to Astrology, planetary combinations or birth in certain malefic Nakshatras cause Kundali Dosh in the horoscope. They cause adverse effects on the particular aspect, e.g. marriage, childbirth, comfort and materialistic life or health. We have a team of seasoned and expert astrologers that can recommend the best remedies to minimize the harmful effects of these Doshas. Remedies depend on the severity and type of Kundali Dosh in a person.

Nakshatra Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Kalsarp Dosha and Gandmool Dosha are some examples of harmful combinations in the birth chart of a person. If the combination causes problems in the early childhood, then the person faces severe health troubles. When they cause trouble in the young or middle age, then the person may face trouble in the married life or career. Some doshas make the later life of a person miserable by causing health troubles or loss of financial resources.

It is incredibly important to correct the Kundali Dosh as early as possible. We suggest perfect remedies that reduce or remove the ill-effects completely. Auspicious ceremonies (Poojas), donation (dana), or worship of a specific deity are some of the examples. Wearing the specific gemstone or visiting a specific temple may also be suggested as a remedy in some cases.

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