Birth Gemstone

Birth Gemstone

Gemstones are quite important in the Indian Astrology. They can make or break the situation by offering enormous power to the respective planet. However, there is an equal risk of harmful effects if a malefic planet gets power. Hence, it should be consulted to a learned astrologer.

We know that the planetary combination at the time of birth causes a deep impact on our life and well-being. There are cases when certain noble planets are weak or at an improper position, and there is an adverse effect. Our expert astrologers perform a detailed analysis and find out the fundamental reason for problems in the horoscope. They suggest the best gemstones to give extra power to noble planets and reduce the harmful effects of Doshas.

Sometimes, it is not affordable to wear expensive gemstones due to financial limitation. Hence, our astrologers suggest substitute gemstones that are less expensive than the original ones. Though the effect is also lesser than the original stone, it reduces problems up to a significant extent. Ruby for Sun, White Pearl for Moon, and Red Coral for Mars are some examples of gemstones.

Gemstones are suggested for a certain period or lifetime depending on the planetary combinations. Janma Lagna or Ascendant and positions of planets during a particular time decide the gemstone for you. A gemstone might give harmful results if it is worn at the incorrect period of life. We suggest the right gemstone and the time span it should be worn.

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