Answers to your questions

Answers to your questions

When you ask a specific question to our astrologers, they calculate based on the date, time, and place, given by you. Accurate calculation and correct prediction are our areas of expertise.

“Prashna Kundali” or answering a particular question based on the “Chalit” horoscope of that particular moment is a specialized branch of Astrology. It needs in-depth knowledge and command of the subject. Correct date, time, and place are important for an accurate calculation. Also, it is critically important that you put the question wholeheartedly and seek desperately for a solution. The more urge is there for a solution, higher are the chances of accuracy. Our team checks each question thoroughly, make a “Prashna Kundali” or horoscope of that question and then analyze it.

Answering your question needs a high degree of accuracy and care. Since the questions are related to the current problem, there is no scope for minutest of the error. Questions about lost items, lost people, sudden illness, and unexpected hurdles in the career or family life are a few examples. Astrologers may need some more details if they do not find any clue based on the details provided. Date, time or place is reconfirmed in such case.

When you are hit with an unexpected problem or situation that puzzles you, seek help from our master astrologers. You will find the right answer and remedy.

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